Warranty information


3 Years or 1 Year?

We have always stood by our work. That's why at Bathtub Repair N' Refinish we offer a 3 Year Warranty for our Residential Customers and a 1 Year Warranty for our Commercial and Rental Properties.

What does my Warranty Include?

In the case of product defects and workmanship fault, your product is warranted to its respective warranty. In the event of workmanship fault or product defect, the refinished area would typically show within 10 days.  This is a rare occurrence, however we are human.

What does my Warranty Exclude?

  •  Moisture Entrapment-  Standing water, leaving bathmats with suction cups or leaving your shampoo,  conditioner or other soap bottles will have the same outcome. Trapped moisture will eventually lead  to peeling. We always recommend a shower rack or caddy to place all bathing toiletries. 

  • Leaks- Continuous faucet or shower head leaks, think of the  Chinese Water Torture. Even a stone could be hollowed out by continuous leaking. Let's not let a leak ruin your beautiful refinished product.

  • Chipping-  Refinished Surfaces are typically stronger than the original surface however they are still viable to chip or scratch just like the original surface. If you drop something on your refinished surface give us a call! We also recommend that you don't bathe your pet on your new refinished surface as sharp paws could scratch and eventually lead to peeling and bubbling. 

Maintenance Plan

Whether you're in or out of warranty we have always put our customers first. Every Bathtub Repair N Refinish product comes with a Maintenance Plan with proof of purchase. So in the event that you accidentally drop something in the tub or foundation issues cause any problem we are here to serve you! Maintenance visits starting at $75.00.

The Small Print

Our warranty is made to serve you better  and specifically modified to the circumstances that are under our control. That includes Workmanship Fault and Product Defects. We do not guarantee that cracks, rust, holes will not re appear on the refinished area if there is an occurrence that is out of our control. E.G. Foundation Shift, Continuous Leak, Previous Damage or Fault in Installation.